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Our volunteers are critical to the functioning of our charity. We wouldn’t be able to help the thousands of rescued wild animals every year if it wasn’t for the dedication and commitment of our volunteers. We are open 7 days per week, 365 days per year, and there isn’t a day that goes by where there are no animals in our centre in need of feeding, cleaning and health checking.


There are some basic requirements for our animal care volunteers:

  • All volunteers must be 18+ (Work experience 17+ through a college/higher education establihsment)
  • Volunteer shifts are normally a regular morning (9am to 1pm) each week 
  • You must be physically fit and in good general health as the work is both physically and mentally demanding


You could be involved in all aspects of animal care, but as with all animal care there is a lot of cleaning involved!

All volunteers must be aged 18 years or over, and able to work in a physically demanding and fast paced environment.

Taking care of wild animals is dirty work, animals produce lots of feeding bowls, hutches, cages etc that require cleaning and disinfecting on a daily basis. As a consequence, volunteers need to be physically fit and able to complete tasks on their own, as well as part of a broader team.


Some of the tasks we often need help with:

  • Cleaning out of animal cages/enclosures both indoors and outdoors
  • General cleaning within the centre and grounds
  • Assisting with outdoor maintenance i.e. painting, clearing, gardening
  • Preparing animal food
  • Cleaning dishes


It is important to remember that we are working with wild animals, and therefore we do not play, cuddle or stroke them and it is important that we keep them wild so they have the best chance of a successful release back into the wild.

Our volunteer needs change throughout the year, with the busiest times being between April-September. We cannot guarantee a volunteer place for everyone and such offers will be based on the needs of the wildlife centre at that time. We aim to reply to all applications where possible.


If you are interested in volunteering then please complete the volunteer form via the link below.


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